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Children's Church

What is Children's Church all about?

  • This is a ministry to the youth of the church ranging from Grade R's up to Grade 12's.

  • It runs simultaneously with the morning worship service on a Sunday from 9:00-10:00.

  • Lessons are prepared for the specific age groups relevant to their walk in life.

  • We currently use a range of bible based learning resources called the Light series from an organisation called Scripture Union.

  • We are a Children's Church and not a School. We are Children's Church leaders, not teachers. This means that the children learn about faith in Jesus Christ the way that adult members learn at the worship services but at an age appropriate level. Leaders teach by example and believe that they learn as much from the children as the children learn from them. We as leaders seek to help children grow in their faith with Jesus and the wider Christian body of believers.

  • Our vision is for the youth to grow as true disciples of Christ, not for the future but for the today, by teaching, serving and guiding them in faith, love and joy. 

What's Happening at Children's Church?

Currently we are going through some changes in the Children's church whil


Children's Church Co-ordinator - Vacant

Beginner Group (3 yrs to Grade R) - Vacant 

Junior Group (Grade 1-3) - Vacant 

Middle Group (Grade 4-6) - Vacant

Senior Group (Grade 7-12) - Vacant 

How can you help?

We are in need of more leaders. Currently there are not enough leaders for each group to alternate every Sunday. So you won't be on every Sunday of the month. This is a fantastic way to invest in the lives of those in the you may be surprised at what the youth can teach the oldies. 

If you are interested in becoming a Sunday School leader please contact the church office.

Keep an eye out for new events and information...

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