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The Polly Circle


The aim of the Polly circle is to care for someone in the congregation anonymously – your identity must be kept secret from your Polly (the person who you care for).


Each Lady who is part of the Polly circle is given a Polly from the congregation to take care of for the year. Each lady will therefore have a Polly who they must care for, in secret, and in turn be a Polly who is cared for by another anonymous lady.

Becoming part of the Polly circle

To become part of the Polly circle where you are cared for and you care for another, you will need to fill out a form. Forms can be collected from Carol Wingate Pearce or Carol Cullen (details below). Your form is given to a lady in the congregation who will care for you without you knowing the identity of that person. You will in turn receive another Polly’s form and you will care for her throughout the year. You will not know the identity of the Polly who is caring for you and neither will the Polly you care for know your identity.

How do you care for a Polly anonymously?

A Polly can write notes with encouraging words/verses, send small gifts or cards etc. via the church (there is an area where these are left for the Polly to collect). Notes can be written and gifts given at anytime throughout the year, not only on special occasions. The Polly does not have to spend a fortune on gifts, rather keep these inexpensive.

The Big Reveal

A fun party is held at the end of the Polly year where your Polly for the past year will be revealed to you. A new Polly is then assigned to everyone for the year to follow.

How to get involved:

 To Join the Polly system contact the Polly Mother (Carol Wingate-Pearse) on 0132434991/0832299474 or OR Carol Cullen at 013 243 5722 / 0824426519.

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