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Medical Aid Apparatus Helps (MAAH)

In this day and age we all know how expensive medical treatment is and how fast
your Medical aid can run out, with operations, the apparatus (apps) to make life
easier, as well to speed up your recovery, most of us can bearly cope.
We want to help! We lend out various medical apparatus. We keep a register,
so you can borrow the apparatus you need and when you are finished with them,
you can just return it.  This is a free service.  All we ask is that you do not return 
our apparatus damaged.  
If you like to become involved or would like to donate any medical apparatus laying around at home, you are more than welcome to contact the office to arrange for pickup.  We are looking for things like slings, braces, orthopedic boots, wheelchairs, toilet seat lifters, hospital beds, Walkers, etc. anything that you think could help others, (You can also retain ownership but lend it out to others.  You’ll then be contacted when the need arise)
If you would like to donate or to add things to the register,
or if you require borrowing any apparatus, please contact:
Our Church Office on 013 243 1918
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