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Have a look at the different events that have taken place at St Johns. Click on the event title or picture to have a look at all the photos from that event.


Mission shaped ministry 2017

St. John's Presbyterian Church along with Methodist Church Middelburg hosted a course on how to be a Missional Church.  Topics covered consisted of rediscovering God's heart for God's world, rediscovering missional church and rediscovering listening to our community. This course was very eye-opening and was enjoyed by all who attended. 

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Baby Madison laid to rest 2017

Middelburg’s baby Madison has been chosen by God to lead Middelburg to redemption from the sideline where the town has been dealing with our serial baby abandonment issues.  This little girl was found dumped after birth still wrapped in her mother’s bloody night gown. St John’s also erected a gravestone for Madison in the church’s Garden of Remembrance where a Magnolia Grandiflora, or Little Gem tree, was also planted on top of her grave.

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St John's Confirmation Camp 2016


Great fun was had by all attending last weekend's Confirmation Camp 1-3 April. Thanks to Iain and Caryn for all you did to keep them safe and entertained! Most importantly, thanks for the opportunity for growth. You provided such a valuable service and we appreciate it.


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St John's Amazing Race

On Wednesday night at Youth Group the youth participated in an amazing race. It was a blast as well as a challenge to do small acts of kindness to add value to peoples lives. Check out the photos of some of the challenges they had to complete.


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Over 65's Breakfast

On Saturday the 11th of October the Ladies Fellowship and youth of St John's collaborated to host an over 65's breakfast. It was a great time of fellowship and fun.


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Xai-Xai Mission 2014

In July we took a team of 9 across the border to Xai-Xai Mozambique on a short term mission trip. These are a sample of the photo's which were taken during the trip.


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Golf Day Fundraiser 2014

In July we hosted a golf day to raise funds for the Xai-Xai short term mission trip and for the church plant in 2015. The event went off very well and we had a full field on the day with several sponsors setting up at the various tee boxes. 


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Boat Day 2014

In March we organised a day for families and their teenagers to enjoy a day by the Middelburg dam. These are the pictures of the day.


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Mhluzi Church Build 2013

In December of 2013 a team from St John's went to assist a church in the Avalon, Mhluzi area to build a temporary church structure as their church building was being destroyed by the weather and was not sufficient for a church service. These pictures show the work which was completed.


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Youth Camp 2013

The youth group went to the Kliprivier cottage for a weekend camp together. We engaged in worship and teaching sessions, games, a game drive and fellowship.


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110th Birthday celebration

We celebrated the 110th anniversary of the St John's Presbyterian Church in Middelburg with a weekend of fun activities. We had a fun day picnic for families, a journey towards the establishment of St John's in Middelburg with a taste of each country and a sample of music played by a string orchestra.


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