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Near Zone
  • Grocery bag and bible distribution

  • Soup Kitchen

  • Feeding of abused juveniles at court

  • Children's Welfare

Far Zone


What is mission about?

We as the Church have been commissioned to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all the world. This commission relates to the way we live, that we are missional people living the gospel in our daily lives at home, at work and at all times.

It is still necessary to engage in specific missions and outreach focused activities as a congregation. As part of our efforts as the St John's congregation, we are involved in a number missions activities. This has been broken down into Near Zone, Far Zone and Cross-Borders missions. Please follow the links on the left-hand side to find out more about the different missions we as a congregation are involved in and where there is opportunity for you to be involved.

The need is great and there is still much more that we, as a church, could do. But it needs the help and contribution of everyone within the body. Nothing is too small to continue reaching out to our community in need. If you have an idea to reach out to the community we live in or further afield then please speak to someone about it and lets get reaching. Let us be hands that reach, that comfort, that show and feet that go.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please speak to our Minister or

contact the church office.

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